About Us

It  is the goal of Lil Eagles Preschool and Childcare to establish quality  preschool and childcare programs in Tatum to meet the needs of the  growing community and surrounding areas.  It aims to provide families  with peace of mind that their children are well cared for in a nurturing  environment that is helping lay a strong foundation for their future. 

Lil Eagles Childcare is owned by Matt and Holly Crawford.  Matt, a 1992  graduate of Tatum High School, is the Director of Lil Eagles and  responsible for the daily operations.  He has a Bachelors Degree in  Child Development with a minor in Business from the University of North  Texas.  His 15+ years of experience in childcare provides him with valuable insight into the needs of the families he serves.  

Matt  began his career in Denton, Texas, working for one of the largest  childcare centers in the state.  His first job was teaching a private kindergarten class in the afternoons.  He quickly realized the positive  impact he could have on children’s lives at this early age and he  revised his plans from coaching and teaching to Early Childhood  Development.  He assisted the center’s owner in expanding the business  and later selling to another company.  He helped the new owner revamp  the business and later build a new facility that was one of the nicest  in the area.  There were no violations on record with the state  regulatory agencies in the two and half years he was acting director of  the new location.  He left Denton in 2007 to be closer to home and  became the Deputy Director of Operations at a childcare center in  Frisco, Texas.  He had the opportunity to be more involved with the  business side of childcare in this position and acquired many valuable  skills.  

In  2008, Matt was offered a Director position at a childcare center in  Carthage, Texas.  It was then that he and Holly decided to return to  their roots in East Texas.  Matt and Holly live in Tatum with their two  children, Caleb (6) and Lily (4). 

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